Elite Personal Trainer, Harley Street London Nutritionist, 2nd Generation Pilates Personal Training

Weight Loss Expert 

Jazz Alessi is a London based Elite’s Personal Trainer: he provides to his VIP clients personal training sessions to regain their health, lose weight, tone up and transform their body.

As an Elite Fitness Trainer, Jazz supports his clients’ transformation with tailored fitness and Sports Injury Rehabilitation and enables them to achieve faster recovery, leaner body and optimum performance.

With black belts in Karate, Jujitsu, Kick boxing, and 2nd Generation Pilates teacher diploma, Jazz is uniquely geared to train your strength, flexibility and posture enabling you to achieve your fitness goals and sustain your results.

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If the Answer to these questions are “YES”, then read on why these finest fitness programme customisations in London help you completely transform your body and health.

  • ​Do you want to get toned, fit and lean? 
  • Do you want to improve your health, lose weight fastincrease your energy, recover from sports injuries and achieve all your fitness goals ?

You deserve the best, and that means you deserve the best personal fitness trainer in London. Maximise results with the ultimate training partner, London-based celebrity personal trainer Jazz Alessi.

We offer:

  • One to one personal training in London,
  • Customised nutrition diet plans,
  • Sports Injury recovery rehabilitation
  • Knee injury rehabilitation
  • ACL injury rehabilitation
  • PLC injury rehabilitation
  • Meniscus injury rehabilitation
  • Rehabilitation after stroke in London
  • Rehabilitation after heart attack 
  • Pilates personal training
  • Coaching for people who want to feel, move and perform at their  best.

Perfect Package Customisation With The Elite Personal trainer in London & Optimised Nutrition for Your Fitness Goals

Your metabolism and body type, age, gender, activity levels, work, environment, habits, health challenges and genes makes you different from one another. 

This is why many people struggle to get toned and fit, lose weight fast or lose the stubborn fat - yes, those love handles and belly fat, - these are just a few reasons of why we implement maximum individualisation within each personal training client experience and programme.

We guarantee your results with personalised personal training programmes in London, food diet plans from your Harley Street nutritionist and Clinical Pilates exercise workouts, inspirational motivation and coaching tailored to meet your goals, challenges and needs.

We empower you with our customised Weight Loss Programs, containing one to one Personal Training - Bronze Bronze, Silver and Gold Packages. These guides you in how to lose weight fast and naturally,or how to gain weight the healthy way with 100% natural diets that work.

Click on Contact me now and I’ll professionally prepare the best customised plan for you.

Feel at your best, move, perform without pain and look at your best on the red carpet.

A bespoke fitness exercise plan and customised nutrition for your goals will also help to increase your energy levels, mental clarity, decrease the levels of stress and perform better in your job.

Jazz trains private clients in London, including the areas of Harley street, Canary Wharf, Kensington, Chelsea, Bank, Bond Street, Holborn, Baker Street, Covent Garden, London Bridge, Marylebone and across North London, providing weight loss and personal training services for all his VIP clients. Click on Contact me now or call me on 077158 69480 and I’ll come to your place.

We are a team of elite personal trainers, nutritionists, medical doctors and bio-chemist experts working to help others stay at their best -  fit, toned and healthy.

Personal Training Master is a fitness centre specialising in personal training, 2nd Generation Pilates and comprehensive Harley street nutrition services provided at the client location.

Our professional one stop shop services and benefits include:

      Customised Bronze, Silver and Gold - Elite Personal training packages  

      Complete Body Transformation Training Programme

      Correct your posture, energise and tone up

      Authentic 2nd Generation Pilates benefits

      Functional fitness to get rid of muscle/joint pain, muscle imbalances

      Injury recovery rehabilitation - Sports Injuries, knee injuries, hip injuries, lower back pain and more

   ✓   Fitness rehabilitation after stroke in London or after a heart attack

   ✓  Increase your confidence levels, eliminating anxiety, stress and depression

      Comprehensive nutrition consultation and advanced lifestyle analysis

   ✓   Dietary analysis of micro and macronutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, vitamins, enzymes and more

   ✓   Nutrition Body Transformation Session

As an elite personal trainer London based and a long term Harley Street nutritionist Jazz Alessi will visit your London home or office providing you with all the equipment required for your fitness session and customised nutritional information you need.

Jazz provides you with motivation, inspiration, education, latest research and a range of personal training packages in London to benefit from.

From devising a bespoke detox meal plan to organising weight loss programs and offering elite personal training for marathons, charity events or injury recovery rehabilitation we will work closely with you to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Jazz delivers his training experience covering areas from West London – Chelsea, Fulham to Richmond – to, South London and into central London, Victoria, London Bridge, Mayfair around Westminster and out to Canary Wharf, Wimbledon and North London, Hampstead.

Tell us a bit more about your fitness and health goals by contacting us now through this link, here and we’ll contact you back immediately.

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